Legal name of the organisation in Latin characters (if applicable)afyonkarahisar sarıkız kalkındırma derneği
Acronym/Organisation’s short nameAFSARDER
National ID (if applicable)03-016-196
Department (if applicable) 
AddressDumlupınar mahallesi Menderes Caddesi Gün Apartmanı No:9/4
P.O. Box 
Post code03100
Telephone 1+905055476066
Telephone 2+905376183749
Type of organizationNon-governmental organization / association / social enterprise
Is the partner organization a public body?no
Is the partner organization a non-profit?yes
Is your organisation: a public body at regional/national level; an association of regions; a European Grouping of Territorial cooperation; or a profit-making body active in Corporate Social Responsibility?Our organization is a non-profit national, regional and international development Association.
Has the organization received any type of accreditation before submitting this application? 
Accreditation typeAccreditation reference
Not yet 
Background and experience

C.3.3. Background and Experience

Please briefly present the partner organization. (e.g. its type, size, scope of work, areas of specific expertise, specific social context and, if relevant, the quality system used)

The name of our Association is ‘’Afyonkarahisar Sarıkız Kalkındırma Derneği’’. Short name is AFSARDER. Our organization is a very comprehensive association working with young people. Our association was established within the framework of a very comprehensive Statute on 27/07/2014 in Afyonkarahisar in Turkey. The members of our Association, academicians, civil administrative staff, administrators, educators, young people, students, tradesmen, etc. consists of individuals from various professional disciplines and from all segments of society. Our Association’s goals and activities include: ensure that the activities are to be enabled and developed civil society; promote and provide individual and social development in all areas; knowledge dissemination; cherish and to protect and promote our values; and enhance awareness of democracy and human rights; to work on this and provide support to people and organizations; international activities; make joint efforts with overseas institutions; Economic, social, political and cultural structure introductory activities; collaborate on the national and international organizations that provide youth services to all legal and open; women in working life and young people’s personal, economic and social development promotion; help and support for the disadvantaged; Help and support to young peoples about Education of young people, socialization, recruitment, personality development and in all field; just not all of the members of the community activities that will promote awareness and involvement in environment and development issues; community development, and prepare projects for development in all areas at national and international level; to participate in the project and apply a few of the goals of our association. Our association carries out its activities in all areas with 164 members in 2016. AFSARDER is nowadays a cultural, improvement and encouraging innovation association dedicated to youth and their training and educational needs. We undertake several online and offline initiatives promoting and enhancing active European citizenship, intercultural communication, social integration, media and journalism. One of our main objectives is to stimulate multicultural meeting and reciprocal knowledge to encourage a more real and less rhetoric ideal of “European citizenship”, that is why since 2016 we are an accredited EVS sending and coordinating organization. Our main activities “live” and “side by side” are in Afyonkarahisar, Middle of Turkey, where we have the operational office open to our volunteers and users. There we organize initiative by ourselves or together with other partners in the area (mainly other associations), but also meetings and training sessions about our international mobility programmes, including EVS. We also have our legal office in Central Turkey and an info point in Central Europe and in The Central World. Generally, young people are college students who are still studying at universities or young people who have just finished a university and are looking for a job. Most of our young people want to improve their foreign language proficiency. At the same time new places, qualifications, worlds and friends are exploring and seeking new business opportunities. The concept of social responsibility must be viewed as a social sensitivity that must be owned by both individuals and institutions. Taking responsibilities is the first and small steps, possible high school, if not, try to enter the social sensitivity projects in the university age. They are aware of the social responsibility of young people, and they help to destroy many prejudices. When young people are given the opportunity, what they can accomplish will create positive impressions both locally and across society. It helps the society to trust the young. In addition, we help to the university students in their technological and digital researches in their studying areas, in a mix with their foreign language skills. This helps us to reach European standards and the background of our organization.

What are the activities and experience of the organization in the areas relevant for this application?

Since the establishment of our association has organized various trips domestic and abroad cultural and economic. Cooperation with many governmental institutions and organizations inside and outside the country and evaluation meetings of solidarity were found in the exchange of ideas. Social development through the General Directorate of the associations participated in the project in 2015. Again in 2015 the Ministry of youth and sports and our social projects is provided in reference too. For the development of young people and the community to support entrepreneurs participating in the activities; enable individuals to gain experience, to their education and to gain awareness in various areas; encourage; to make proteins and the phenomenon of active citizenship, personal social and economic balanced development and improvement to provide students with the knowledge and skills to assist in new to promote are some of the main activities of our organization. Training of individuals participating in public life and organizations, projects and events to participate in to participate in their active life and social life, to enable you to determine their own location and their status can enhance express themselves. Thus, individuals living in a state of positive change, to the point of being able to take their own initiatives and decisions are able to develop their skills, opportunities, and threats able to be aware of their rights and duties, awareness of reach. In this area our organization is a non-governmental organization, coordination, and collaboration in the formation of networks; project management, presentation, communication, dissemination, evaluation, sending and leading in the formation of Youth Initiatives. High experience in this field and have ability. Our association with some projects, so where that content is located and activities include: The project we are reading together: Cycling’s Health Project; Project savings my job: I love my orphan brother project and etc. In addition, another project written by our association has received a grant. This project is about renewable and sustainable energy and will enable young people to look more consciously on the world we live in. It is possible to raise environmentally friendly individuals and to instill the necessary awareness with this project.We have participated and organized numerous workshops touching this topic. We have experience about this topic. Also, some of our members have personal experience about it. But always is good when you extend your knowledge and when you can learn something new. The participants who will represent our NGO during the exchange will be actively involved in the project, in the evaluation, analyzing part, in preparing dissemination materials, multiplying and follow-up actions in our NGO and in our local community.

What are the skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved in this application?

Our organization (Especially for disadvantaged or underprivileged groups) in the transverse and longitudinal sustainable development, social responsibility and prepare projects for improving the social economy. Working with young people and volunteers in various areas which aims to give young people a strong contribution to a multidisciplinary team. Projects and action plans in this area who want to get involved in youth initiatives, coordination, management, promotion, communication, dissemination, evaluation, security, onward transfer and will host collaborators and volunteers. He has a master of education, the President of the Association in his forehead and now he serves as administrator of a public institution in the past 8 years coordinating projects of the centre for European Union education and youth programmes conducted in the areas of domestic and international project implementation and organization is an experienced person. Between members of the Board of Directors and a member of the Faculty of Afyon Kocatepe University participated in EU projects in the field of academics who are active in student club activities and college were conducting many activities. In every profession, in many areas our expert volunteers are available. All members of our Association. Achieve the goals of our project will be providing support in the execution and in a healthy way. ‘Necmettin AVCI’’ who is a person very skilled, equipped and with high academic career, youth worker, trainer and expert in European programs and management of youth projects. Graduated in English Teacher at University of SDÜ, Master in European Project Management at University AKÜ. He is teacher and administrator. He participated in the Training of Trainer funded by Erasmus+ and organized by National Youth Council of Turkey and he is a recognized social educator at English level. He took part in several events and training organized by Turkish National Agency, focusing on the increase of quality in youth projects. He has been working as freelance for different NGOs based in several EU countries for organization development and management of youth projects, also contributing as trainer or facilitator. Lately he is following “No Hate Speech Movement” with a support group. His topics are related to European citizenship, NGO and project management. Esin Dönmez is the contact person of the association, she is graduated from Ankara University, American Culture and Literature department. Her educational background is very skilled, and she has been giving private English lessons for students since 2015. In addition, she is a certified translator between the langueges of Turkish and English languages since 2017. She has a good-academic writing and good speaking English skills. Professor. Mustafa Ergün is also a member of our association. He worked in Ankara University in his post-graduate, and he worked as a professor in Afyon Kocatepe University in the Psychology department. His department in License, Postgraduate, Doctorate and the profession was psychology-pedagogic skills. Now, he is retired from his job, and he contributes more to our association with his academic skills and experiences. His social dialogue and social experiences, the young members of our organization are going to learn more about him. Mr. Muharrem EYMEZ is an English Teacher who is graduated from Çanakkale 18 Mart University, he has very good English writing and speaking skills. Also, he has many Erasmus+ projects background, and he has management skills about Erasmus+ projects. He is experienced in sustainable energy; he is a young associated person of the organization. In addition, he is the contact and second important person of the organization.  

In what way is the project innovative and/or complementary to other projects already carried out by your organization?

The project innovative and complementor’s subjects:

– To cooperate and fight against racism, discrimination and corruption.

– To promote, establish and develop mutual respect and personal contacts between youngsters and individuals from Turkey and from other countries

– To contribute in realization of vision for fair world with respect for human dignity and multiculturism

– To contribute to educational development, and encourage mutual understanding and respect in order to promote social responsibility for youngsters and disadvantageous groups

– To help young and disadvantageous groups to be internationally-oriented and professionally qualified

– To protect and promote student rights

– To help young and disadvantageous groups without parents

– To care for environment

– To develop sporting spirit and active lifestyles for youngsters and disadvantage ousters groups

– To support and promote local initiatives

– To support and promote youth involvement and voluntary work in the benefit of the communities

– To develop contacts with organizations from Turkey and others through out Europe and the world.

 Legal representative
First nameNecmettin 
Family nameAVCI 
Position Chairman 
Telephone 1+905055476066 
 Contact person
First nameEsin 
Family nameDÖNMEZ 
Position Secretary 
Telephone 1+905465016660 
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